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One of our end to end projects, Picarto has been going strong now since 2012. The name ‘Picarto’ we conceived as a derivation of the words ‘Picasso’ and ‘Art’, and we created a logo, brand and voice which has brought vibrancy to what was hitherto a dry and stale industry. Picarto has successfully brought a new generation of customers in to its mix.


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We recently rebuilt the Picarto website, and when we did we made two significant changes. First, we stripped it right back and simplified it to the core of its functionalities. From the previous design which consisted of twelve pages, we reduced this newest design to just three. As a result the website is more compact, easier to navigate, and easier to maintain. Second, we developed the website using Node.JS (Javascript) with the Keystone CMS. We see Javascript web development as a real challenger to the pre-eminence of PHP based web development and love working with it. To the end user the experience is even smoother as a result.

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As with most e-commerce websites, it’s what you don’t see which is almost as important as what you do see. The data warehousing design and automation have been pivotal to Picarto’s success to date, and are set to play an even bigger role in the future.


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2018 is set to be an exciting year for Picarto, with various functionalities being introduced.

To view the Picarto website, click here.

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